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Vindicat Lustrum

  • Date 2014
  • Client Vindicat Lustrum
  • Deliverables
    • UX
    • Web design
    • Web development
    • Corporate identity

We were asked to prepare a website with admin area to promote unique festival held in Netherland in 2015. The concept is to reveal three stages until the whole event will begin. The aim for the first stage was to reveal just the time and cover it under mysterious and magical clouds… The key words for this festival are #tropical, #fun & #mysterious so we created a set of interactive elements which were used as a key visual element with the magical clouds across whole campaign. Not a single black color pixel were used. Be ready for 2015.

the key words for this festival are #tropical, #fun & #mysterious

time is ticking…

mobile version


subpage — program


Interactive lustrum elements


Fashion accessories


Admin area